Car registration

Motor vehicle registration services

We have been providing car registration services for over 20 years, being one of the first companies of its kind in Poland.

Our car registration services in Wrocław was our answer to gigantic queues in motor vehicles departments. Thanks to our car registration services, our customers save a lot of time, which they can use in a better way. The range of our services is constantly expanding due to the new needs of our customers, who want to manage their own or their employees’ time more efficiently.

We provide our services to companies and individuals. Our area of operation is, in particular, the city of Wrocław, the districts of Wrocław and the surrounding areas, such as Wołowski, Trzebnicki, Średzki, Oławski and Oleśnicki districts. We serve clients from all over Poland including Silesia, Warsaw, Poznań or Kraków….

Motor vehicle registration for companies

Do you own vehicles which are registered in the name of your company?

You MUST re-register company-purchased vehicles within 30 days of purchasing a car registered in Poland and within 30 days of importing it from the EU.

There are only 14 days to declare excise duty or PCC-3 tax!

We will take care of all the official formalities on your company’s behalf without you having to leave the office ;)

Registration of a motor vehicle from abroad

Are you importing a car from abroad or buying it from someone who has imported it?

You MUST register it for your company or yourself within 30 days of importing it to Poland! We will register the vehicle in the department of motor vehicles, prepare the required translations, report to the tax office and pay the excise duty. Finally, we will obtain insurance policy for your new car.

You no longer need to visit any office ;)

New and used car registration

Are you buying a new car for your business or private use from a car dealership or a used car from a private individual? You MUST register it within 30 days of the date of the contract, and you only have 14 days to report the purchase to the tax office and pay 2% tax.

We will take care of everything for you, just call or visit our office ;)

Changing cars registered as trucks „cars with a grid” into a passenger car

Passenger cars with a grid are still used by companies in Poland and abroad and are registered as trucks for tax purposes. Some of these vehicles can be re-registered as passenger cars after the relevant changes have been made by authorised companies and technical tests have been passed.

We are authorised, we change them into passenger cars ;)

Lost registration certificate  – domestic or from abroad

Are you buying a car registered in Poland or abroad, whose registration documents have been lost, destroyed or seized by the Police?

The registration certificate or vehicle title has been lost? Unfortunately, you cannot register a vehicle without the registration certificate ;(

We will obtain the documents which will enable you to register your car in Poland ;)

Resettlement property – tax exemption

Are you resettling from abroad to Poland and want to bring your property, i.e. your car, tax-free?

If you meet the conditions, you may not pay excise duty (vehicles from the EU) and customs duty and VAT (vehicles from outside the EU e.g. USA, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland…).

We have been dealing with such matters for years, contact us before you leave for Poland – we will help you complete the necessary documents ;)

Deregistration of a motor vehicle registered in Germany – Abmeldung

Außerbetriebsetzung, Abmeldung, Stilllegung are interchangeable words used in Germany that mean temporary deregistration of a vehicle.

A car registered in Germany does not have to be deregistered for registration in Poland. If it is registered to you abroad then check whether it needs to be deregistered.

We will deregister your vehicle at the German office ;)

Trust the specialists and their experience!

The vehicle registration service for companies concerns the representation of our business customers at the registration office, where, in accordance with the Polish law, you have to register a car purchased for a company, regardless of whether it is a new or used vehicle. Depending on the situation, the service is extended to include translations, representation at the tax, customs or duty office if the vehicles are imported from abroad.

The car registration services for companies apply to any company, regardless of whether it is a sole trader (in which case company vehicles are registered in the name and address of the owner and not in the name of the company), a civil partnership, a limited liability company, a joint-stock company, a limited partnership, or any other type of company which is registered in Poland and owns motor vehicles purchased by these companies.

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